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The Judging Panel

David Ryan


David is a brave and pioneering entrepreneur with a true passion for Africa - especially Africa’s wildlife. With his African Grey parrot by his side, there is more than a hint of the Dolittles about Rhino Africa’s intrepid leader. His interests include photography and, of course, travel.

James Suter


James is an award-winning, photographer and conservationist who enables his audience to connect with the people, places and wildlife shown in his work. Aside from being involved in conservation projects, James is also an experienced guide.

Jo Maree

Director - Wildlife ACT

Growing up in rural Africa, Jo has always had a vested interest in protecting wild animals and their environment. His passion translated into his job and Jo’s association aids the conservation of several endangered species, such as the African Wild Dog and black rhinoceros.


Luke Lalin

Marketing Manager, RHINO AFRICA

Being introduced to the bush at an early age instilled in Luke a passion and love for Africa and its wildlife. He now gets to unashamedly promote travel to Africa with Rhino Africa, inspiring people from all around the world to explore our incredible continent and experience the thrilling wildlife first-hand.

Ryan Rapaport

Owner - Felix Studios

Ryan is the founder and Creative Director of Felix Studios, a boutique digital agency for high-end luxury lifestyle brands. At the forefront of innovative approaches, the company specialises in developing holistic campaigns and strategies delivering creative executions in video, photography and web development. This multi-award winning photographer has an eye for detail and great gin.

Dale Forbes

Swarovski Optik

Dale grew up in the forests and savannas of South Africa, developing a love for nature from a young age. After studying Zoology and Wildlife Science, he moved to Central America to continue his work in conservation biology. He is a member of BirdLife International’s Advisory Board and is Swarovski Optik’s Head of Strategic Business Development.

About Rhino Africa

Rhino Africa is Africa’s leading safari company and four-time World Travel Award winner. Founded in Cape Town in 2004, Rhino Africa is the ultimate African travel experts with the incomparable knowledge and experience to ensure that your tailor-made African holiday is the best you'll ever have.

What we do

From Southern Africa to the Serengeti, and Madagascar to the Masai Mara - Rhino Africa allows you to discover the corners of the continent in a sustainable way. Every year more than 15,000 people come to us and allow our expert consultants to use their knowledge and experience to design them a bespoke itinerary. Our core business enables us to engage in areas of nature conservation, animal welfare and rural education in Africa. Each guest travelling with us therefore forms part of a larger project which aims to leave behind a positive footprint in the lands of Africa.

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Our partners

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